Monday, July 26, 2010


Magnificent Monday to you! Of course by now you all know that Monday is my favorite day of the week! I luv it because its the beginning of a brand new week and a chance to forgive any mis-steps that we have experienced over the past week!

How are you starting your week off? I encourage you to begin by being good to yourself! Luv yourself! Tell yourself something good about yourself! So many of us go through our day with a negative attitude about ourselves. We tell our friends and co-workers how great they are but seldom do we express that same luv for ourselves.

So today, Monday, make it a point to be good to yourself! Find something wonderful about yourself and remind yourself of that fact all day today. Remind yourself of your goodness! Remind yourself of your intelligence! Remind yourself of your kindness to others! Remind yourself of your divinity! Remind yourself of your magnificence!

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